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Trondheim Developer Conference

Oct 30

Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim Developer Conference (TDC) is a community driven event for developers and digital designers.

Norwegian .NET User Group, Trondheim eXreme Programming & Agile Meetup, JavaBin Trondheim, Interaction Design Association Trondheim, Norwegian Computer Society, BartJS, Spillmakerlauget have joined forces and are giving developers and designers in the greater Trondheim region and Norway an arena for learning, networking and communication across all development disciplines.

The agenda consists of multiple tracks for front-end, back-end, agile developers, and digital design. The conference strives to reach a balance between local, national and international speakers, and a relatively large share of call-for-papers submissions.
Developers Agile Front-end Back-end
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by @cezarfloroiu