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Oct 7

Des Moines, IA, USA

Reserve your space here for $6: Yeah, we don't know how to pronounce it either, but it stands for: Programming Languages I've Been Meaning To Try But Haven't Gotten Around To Yet! Come to try something different, learn a new language, or simply hone your existing skills. It's like Stack Overflow, but IRL.

There will be a KTAWTS (Knows Things And Willing To Share ... acronyms are fun!) panel that will be run un-conference style, where a handful of people — maybe even you! —sign up for timeslots on code topics.

On whiteboards, you can post questions and others can post answers. And there will be groups focusing on different topics, designated by large signs and/or the presence of programming books.

We'll have drinks and snacks, because every programmer needs fuel.

Bring your laptop and at least a vague idea of a project to work on or language you'd like to know more about. It's an excellent excuse to start that thing you've been telling yourself you're going to work on .... someday. It's also a great way to meet folks that can help you work on said someday-project!

There will be a chance to share what you learned or worked on at the end of the day, but no pressure to have anything polished or even working. (This isn't a hackathon, no judgment here!)

Read more about the idea behind the event here:

Some shoutouts to those who've made this event possible: Gravitate, for sponsoring us and letting us use their space; and Tikly, for letting us use their homegrown ticket sales platform.
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by @cezarfloroiu