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Sep 15 - 16

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

JSFoo is India’s premier JavaScript conference, hosted by HasGeek. We launched JSFoo in 2011 as India’s first JavaScript conference. The JS community in India has grown phenomenally since then. JavaScript now pervades every aspect of web development – browsers, apps, front-end, backend, mobile and IoT, and there’s always scope to understand new ideas and solutions. The conference explores new ideas, implementing innovative solutions, and learning from experiences, especially negative ones!
The broad theme this year is going to be building reliable web apps. Talks will be on these topics and more: tooling and best practices for measuring and monitoring on the web, modern programming languages like ES6/7 and TypeScript, architecture and the practice of programming, specific libraries and frameworks, browser APIs like WebRTC, ServiceWorkers, Web Components, Push API, accessibility and localization, game programming, visualisation and animation on the web using javascript.
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by @cezarfloroiu